Note: Group photo by Flying Flamingo Fotographie.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Have you been wondering where we've been? I bet you've thought The Goose has been good, huh?...

                                                                 Who? Me?

Well... let me tell ya. We have been busy around here. And of course, The Goose's antics have plenty to do with that. (I have to say, that I've been a little slow on the draw... getting pictures taken in the moment. Somehow a blog post about getting "Goosed" isn't quite the same without a photo to go along with!)

We've been keeping busy around the house. Among other things on the home-front, I've been cooking more from scratch, drowning in laundry, and making an attempt to keep up with the yard. (Ugh... first it rained a million acorns, and now we are halfway through a billion leaves.)

Try as I might to stay a step ahead, they keep getting the better of me. I think The Goose might have noticed. Here she is trying to help...

You can tell that she is really determined . She was working so hard at getting those leaves pulled up... check out her feet. She was giving it everything she had, and I was just rolling with laughter watching her.

It didn't last though... after a few minutes, she gave up to go play "golf" on the front porch (hey a big stick works for a club, right?) while mom finished up. Can't say that I blame her!

Thank goodness Dear Daddy will be home soon to give us girls a break ;)