Note: Group photo by Flying Flamingo Fotographie.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Coffee Anyone?...

For those of you who don't know, I have a love affair with coffee.

I wake up for that smell, that wonderful first taste... and I don't want to deal with any household happenings until I have been properly caffeinated. There... I said it! Momma doesn't function without her coffee! little munchkins will figure this out.

Someday... it will dawn on them that there is a magic potion which turns Mommy from haggard & snarling into beautiful & caring & ready to handle every ones problems. It's like a real life Disney movie in my own house ... a magical transformation every day! At least that's how it feels after I get my first few sips down.... Have you seen the movie Tangled? Then, um yeah... it's kind of like know what I'm talking about!

Perhaps my romance with coffee is necessary... My children are known to wake-up at 4:30am... demanding breakfast and engaging themselves in either spats or silliness. (whichever one the morning brings is guaranteed to be over-the-top, wake-up-the-whole-house kind of loud!)

Honestly, it takes some sort of major caffeine (and more importantly, morning prayer) to slip into "Mom-Mode" and shrug off the fact that I would like to wake up with my normal time-zone!

So, how does The Goose fit into all of this "coffee talk"?... Do you suppose at the age of 2, she has me figured out already? After all, she is a bit smart for her own good. (MY own good is more like it)

Maybe she thinks that the magic potion that puts mommy in a good mood every morning, will also make me less aggravated at all of her miss-adventures. After all, she has raided the fridge, pantry, and bathroom multiple times today.

Or maybe, this is the beginning of a brilliant idea to steal some of these magic beans for her plastic pretend coffee pot. Of which, I thought was SO cute & a must have Christmas present...was not one of my better gift ideas. Seriously, the child will go to any length to gather any sort of liquid for this thing... But that is a whole other story!

Truth is, I have NO idea what she thinks she is doing here, but she has certainly inspired me to get back to blogging... It's been far too long, and I have many stories to catch up on.

In fact, I could sit and write for hours upon hours, about the rotten things The Goose has been up to lately... But for now, I think I will go have another cup of coffee!