Note: Group photo by Flying Flamingo Fotographie.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Wow... A six month hiatus from The Daily Goose. An un-intentional, life just gets busy, kind of hiatus. I bet you were all thinking that The Goose has outgrown do you put it, um....venturesome...behavior?

Just to put the quandary out of your mind.... The Goose has not gone good. While she HAS made some serious strides in being kind to new friends & friendly by-passers, The Goose is still a wild, tenacious, plucky, but oh-so-adorable little mess,that has brought oodles of laughs at my expense.

Her hair is getting long, although it's so curly you can't tell. She has learned to bat those big blue eyes, full of mischief - although they trick you into believing that she is not capable of such, and she has learned a million new words. (oh, the horrifically funny things she says... you know, when you shouldn't be laughing, but no force of nature could get you to stop...that kind of funny!)

Yes, she has done a lot of growing & changing....And all the while, there have been a million moments that I have wanted to share with you. A million ideas to expand this blog. And yet, I've just had some sort of motivational block...well, in the sake of honesty...I've just been busy, as you'd imagine a mom of 5 would be, right?

But, I've been missing this little blog lately. The creative outlet, the reactions to The Goose's antics, and the THERAPY of just putting all of this out there... You know, those moments when you are faced with such a mess... you have to laugh, or you will cry...

Parenting The Goose, along with her three big brothers, brings me to this juncture AT LEAST once daily. And somehow, sharing these moments with all of you make these disastrous quips of parenting a little less like an "epic fail" video on YouTube, and more like an endearing clip from Americas Funniest Home Videos.

So. I have been waiting... While jotting down her crazy quips, and taking pictures of her mini catastrophes...I have been waiting for inspiration. The whopper. The big one. That instant (because it always happens that fast) she does something so rotten, at the worst moment, that brings me to either cry, or blog.

And here it is....

Oh lord.... A refrigerator raid of almost epic proportions. (I say almost because she can, and most likely will, top herself)

As you all remember from the spilled milk posts, raiding the fridge is CLASSIC GOOSIE. It's her
no-fail, go-to move to cause trouble.... And she is good at it.

I should have known she had vested interest in the frosting I was making this morning (well it's a frosting-like concoction, and a whole other story...but at least it tasted good!). She was watching it so closely whipping in the mixer..... The excited chirps and chatter should have tipped me off!..

As you might imagine, the summer days with all of the kids home, provides a more-than-ample amount of distractions for The Goose to start trouble. And, let me tell you, she takes full advantage!

Apparently, the excitement over the "frosting" hadn't included plans to eat it... I think The Goose must have thought it looked a little more like Play-Doh. And boy, was she scheming...

Somehow, while I was in the process of a minor household task, she managed to sneak to the fridge and slink back to her room un-detected. (Skilled. Stealth. She has this down to an art.)

Moments later, hearing squeals of delight, I walked into a frosting wonderland....

The pictures do not do the occasion justice. It was like walking into a scene right out of Hansel & Gretel. The rest of the brood had found the sugar-coated monstrosity that used-to-be The Goose's room....

The little punks must have thought they died and went to sugar heaven. 3 boys grazing off the splattered mess with gusto. The dog. The cat....Feasting on the buttery, sugary debris that she left in the wake of her adventure.

The frosting is on the walls, the curtains, the bed, the bookshelf. It adorns the belly of her favorite baby doll among many other newly candy-coated toys, the mirror, and...God only knows the nooks and crannies I am going to be cleaning frosting out of.

At some point, my eyes just have to stop taking it all in. And the whole room freezes. Every eye in that whole room is looking at me....3 little boys. The dog. The cat.... they are all waiting to see what I am going to do. And I did the only thing I could do. I called for reinforcement (from Boo.... my oldest child, my rock, my bestie) and we DIED LAUGHING.... because what else can you do? (besides blog about it! *wink)