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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

With fall starting to settle in, The Goose has been catching some extra Z's in the morning... which is a nice treat in comparison to the 5 a.m. ~footsteps trucking down the hall~ alarm, that woke me nearly every morning this summer. Oh yeah, 5 a.m. & right in the middle of that perfect sleep. Thank goodness for coffee, or I would be a zombie.

The extra time has been nice this school year, as I have 3 little boys to get ready. Thank goodness for Boo's help, or we would never get out the door! So naturally, without a peep from The Goose this morning, I am trucking along the morning routine thinking she's sound asleep...Until I get to the kitchen & hear giggles bounding down the stairs from The Goose's room. Uh Oh. This usually means trouble. And then I hear a second voice...

Her dear brother Munchie Brown (technically, his name is Chase, but we rarely go by names around here!) had decided to sneak upstairs and wake her up. Lil stinker. So I hear them, full of chatter & giggles... and decided to give them a few minutes since they were obviously working on something big. (I at least want to get dressed before opening the door and discovering whatever disaster was awaiting me!)

So after I'm decent, I head over to The Goose's room, ready to fling the door open & catch my little turkeys by surprise. There is nothing better than the faces they make when they get busted right in the middle of doing something rotten!

Thankfully, they heard my footsteps & beat me to the punch. The Goose comes running out the door, excitedly stomping her feet in this little jiggy dance, and she says "MOM!! Tea Party, eat Cookies!" Munchie Brown isn't far behind her & he says "Mama, we made you a tea party."

It's complete with a candlestick and everything. Isn't this the sweetest thing ever?.....

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