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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Goose Is Back...

Hi Friends, sorry for the recent hiatus. Last week was busy busy busy... and this week started off a bit stressful. (No thanks to waking up with a bat flying around my bedroom.... but that's a whole other story!)

 So, the kiddos have been trickling back to school over the the last couple of weeks, and as of Monday.... It's just me and The Goose. Funny how the quality time with mom brings about new interests. We've been learning French... Bonjour! is her new favorite word.... so cute! And we've been out and about, running errands & playing outside on nice mornings..... (Reminds me of Boo, when she was little.) And of course, The Goose has done plenty of sassing and created many calamities!

At the start of this week, she spent a lot of time looking for Chase. He was the last one to head back to school, and I think she is a little bored without him. Apparently, my attempts at playing with choo choo trains are just NOT the same! So how bored could one little girl be?....

Can you believe your eyes?.... Yes, that is The Goose doing laundry, and I'm wondering if I should be buying a lottery ticket. She must have been either really bored, or been feeling extremely generous to take a break from plundering the pantry and spilling anything liquid from the fridge! (You know, her usual forms of entertainment.)

She pulled all of the wet clothes into the laundry basket, and put all of them into the dryer... All by herself. You can tell by her face that she is really proud! And I am thinking, that I could really get used to this...

Now, if we could just work out some kind of arrangement on doing the dishes.... life would be great! LOL!

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